1 -Stephens- Smart oil Field or frog Shack  In Stephens take hwy 57 N ; 1/2 mile turn Left Road turns into Oua 1 19A  
2 -Stephens-,-Elliott-,-Louann- Pace City Rd From Stephens to Pace City Gro. on Mt Holly Rd (Oua. 47) to Hwy376 at Louann 19D, 20C 20D 21C, 21D,  
3 -Bethesda- Old Wire Rd Starts at Hwy 376 (Fairview Rd) ends at Pace City Rd (Oua. 2). 17A, 16D, 20A,19D  
4 -Buena Vista-,-Stephens- Troy Rd Hwy 79 S 1st Rd to right past Roadside Park to Hwy 57 near Antioch Church. Cross Hwy 57 to Nevada County 15A, 15B, 16A, 16B  
5 -Buena Vista-   Hwy 79 S to Buena Vista; turn left (east) onto Oua. 5; starts at Us79goes to Old Wire Rd.  16D, 20B  
6 -Buena Vista-   Same as Oua 5, turn right, ends across Oua. 3 at "it can Be Done Deer Camp 16C 20B  
7 -Buena Vista-   From Camden take Oua.3 (Old Wire Rd) South. & will be the next county rd passed Oua 54 on the right 16D 20B 20D  
8 -Stephens- Elf Roofing Rd Start at Hwy 79 S in Stephens. ends with Oua 3 19D   
9 -Stephens-   Start at Joints of Pace City Rd (Oua 2) and Old Wire Rd. ends S In Columbia County SH57 19D  
10 -Stephens-   From 79 South of Stephens city lines first road on left and ends in Columbia County 19C  
11 -Two Bayou-   Start at Hwy 278 W. 1st Rd to right past Greening Pond. Ends at Oua. 12. 12A, 12C  
12 -Two Bayou-   Start beside Harvey's Gro. on Hwy 24 W. ends on Hwy 76 12A, 12B  
13 -Chidester-,-Upper White Oak- Washington Rd Start at Good Hope Church on Hwy 57 (S of Chidester); ends in Nevada Co 11A  
14 -Chidester-   On Hwy 387 go west, past the upper and lower levee, the road starts in sharp curve(ends in Nevada Co). 6C  
15 -Chidester- Starnes Landing White Oak Lake. Start Hwy 24 West. 3.5 miles W of Chidester, turn left off of hwy24 6A  
16 -Chidester-   Cutoff Rd from Hwy 57 to Hwy 24 W: just south of Chidester 6B  
17 -Two Bayou- Adams Chapel Rd Hwy 278 W of Camden before Hwy 57,;turns north ends on Hwy 57. 11B, 11D  
18 -Buena Vista- Finn Switch Rd Start 79 S before Roadside park; ends at Old Wire Rd (Oua. 3) 16B, 17A  
19 -Stephens-   Oil Field Rd near Gum Creek on Pace City Rd (Oua. 2).  20C  
20 -Chidester-   From Good Hope Church & HWY 57 take at Oua.13; go West : Oua 20 turns north, ends at White Oak Lake 6C  
21 -Chidester- Little Missouri Lp From Chidester take Red Hill Rd. ends at Missouri river 1D  
22 -Chidester- Red Hill Rd Chidester, City St red Hill Rd turns into Oua 22; ends at Oua.24, and 21 intersection 6B, 1D  
23 -Chidester- Tate's Bulff Rd In Chidester turn East onto near City St “Tate's Bluff”. Turns into Oua 23 ends at oua 24 6B, 7A, 2C, 2B  
24 -Chidester- Reader Rd From Oua 22 go West to Reader, Ar  or East to Tate's Bluff 1C, 1D, 2C, 2A, 2B  
25 -Chidester- Lester Rd From Hwy 24 head N to Tate's Bluff 12B, 7D, 7B, 2D, 2B  
26 -Chidester-  Rocky Hill Rd  Start at Oua.23 (Tates Bluff Rd) go East, crosses Lester Rd, ends at the River  2D, 3A  
27 -Two Bayou-   Last Oua. Rd on US 278W passed White Oak Package store. Turns Right; ends at Oua. 13 11A, 11C  
28 -Chidester-   From Hwy 368 (Reader Hwy) to Oua. 24 near Red Hill; turn left at Red Hill - 1st rd to left. 6A, 1D  
29 -Chidester-  Ponderville Rd  Turn right off of Lester Rd (Oua. 25). Deadends 7D, 8C  
30 -Fire Dist 1-  Albriton Rd  Hwy 7N; 2m. N of Amy; turn left 2nd rd to left; ends near river 3C, 3D  
31 -Fire Dist 1-  Procter Rd  Turn left off of Oua 43 (N of HGHS) go N ends at Amy near Smith Liquor (7N 9C, 9A, 4C, 3D  
32 -Fire Dist 1-  Old River Rd  Hwy 7 N turn left past St Mary Church; ends at Old River 8B, 8A  
33 -Fire Dist 1-   Law Academy Firing Range Rd. Start Hwy 274 E Camden; ends Eagle Mills. (Gated Rd) 9D Eagle Mills
34 -Fire Dist 1-  Bryant Rd  Start at Oua.31; ends at Hwy 7 N near Faith Baptist Church  8B, 9A  
35 -Fire Dist 1-  Church Rd  Start Hwy 79 N near Shady Grove Baptist Church; ends near Tree Farm 9C   
36 -Fire Dist 1-  Smead Rd  Start Hwy 7, N of Amy before county Line, goes East to Holly Springs at Hwy 9 3B, 4A, 4B  
37 -Fire Dist 1-  Jolley Rd  US 79N, N of Hwy 205 overpass ; turn left; joints with Oua 43 9A, 9B  
38 -Buena Vista-  Omega Rd  Start at junctions of California and Old Wire Rd. by Trinity Baptist Church 13C  
39 -Two Bayou-  Roseman Rd  Hwy 24 W past Maul Rd turn right ends at Ridgeview Rd 13A Inset 17
40 -Two Bayou-  Forest View  Off Maul Rd near Cosby Flooring W of R&R 13A Inset 17
41 -Two Bayou-   Off Maul Rd, E of R&R track. dead end at (Salt creek gate 13A  
42 -Buena Vista-   West of Hwy 79 S from US 79 & Oua 6 old store goes north to Troy Rd (Oua.4). 16A, 16C  
43 -Fire Dist 1-  Preston Rd  From Hwy 7N (at Warner Spur Church) goes passed HGHS; to Hwy 9 9C, 9A, 9B  
44 -Fire Dist 1-  Dog patch Rd  Turn right at Sh 7 Us79B, Old River bridge; loops back to US79B  13B 14A  
45 -Fire Dist 1-  Kennedy Rd  From Y goes to H.G.H.S.; runs past Pecan, Oak, Gatlin St. ends at Oua 88 9C  
46 -Buena Vista-  Maul Rd  Start at Hwy 24 W goes E; ends in Camden 13A  
47 -Bethesda-  Mt Holly Rd  (part of Mt Holly rd): From Parker Electric to Pace City Gro. Ends at Oua. 2 17C, 21A  
48 -Two Bayou-  Bensbreg Rd  Start at Hwy 278W near Country Dis. runs past City Dump to Country Club Rd 13C  
49 -Fire Dist 1-  Knights Landing Rd  7N Gated 13B    
50 -Bethesda-  Parked Electric Rd  beteen Mt Holly Rd  and Hwy 376 17D  
51 -Elliott-   Start at Union cemetery at Oua. 50 goes South to Oua. 53; 52 continues onto Oua.2  17D, 21B  
52 -Fire Dist 1-  Buster Word Rd  Start at Hwy 7 N near Kent goes to Oua 431 8D  
53 -Elliott-   Start in Elliott & Hwy 376 goes to Pace City Gro. Ends at Oua. 47; 21B, 21A  
54 -Bethesda-  Sam Jeffus Rd  From Mt. Holly Rd (Oua. 47) south of Bethesda Church turn left ends at old Wire Rd (Oua. 3). 17C   
55 -Elliott- Mt Holly Rd (south end) Starts South  of Pace City Gro on Oua 2 Road turns into Oua 55 goes to Mt. Holy, AR 21C  
56 -Chidester-   Turn left at the Hwy 24 W and Lester Junction goes South, ends at joints of Oua.12  12B   
57 -Elliott- Mt Holly Rd (north end) From Old Fairview School goes south; at city limits turns into Oua 57 then Turns into State Hwy 387 at Cash Rd 17B  
58 -Fire Dist 1- BradleyFerry Rd near Oua. Electric Power Plant 14C Inset 7
59 -Bearden-   Hwy 9 Before Holly Springs, fire tower rd near Alexander place. gated 4B  
60 -Fire Dist 1-   Glen Bearden Deer Camp Rd off Smead Rd (Oua. 36). Gated Anthnoy Timber Rd 4A 4C  
61 -Louann-   Kirkland & 376, go southwest, cross Oua.2 by Liberty Church turn S to Union Co 21D  
62 -Chidester- O.O.C. Rd Start at Hwy 24 W in Bragg City. ends at Lester Rd (Oua. 25). gated 7C  
63 -Elliott-,-Louann-   Turn E at Elliott fire station, cross Hwy 7 S. ends at junction of Oua.66. 22A 22C  
64 -East Camden-,-Frenchport- Mt Horb Rd In Elliott Turn East; cross Hwy 7 S runs into Oua 65.south of Frenchport 17D 18C  
65 -Frenchport-   Start at Frenchport Gro goes S to Oua. 63 near the old Jones Cem 18C, 22A  
66 -Louann-,-Standard Umpstead-   Starts 7 south, from Louann go East, ends on Oua.67 at Smackover County Club 22C, 22D  
67 -Frenchport-,-Standard Umpstead- Old Smackover Rd Start at Adams St and Hwy 7 S;(Topper Hill).ends in Union Co. Smackover Ar 17B, 18A, 18C, 22A, 22B, 22D  
68 -Standard Umpstead-   Start at crossroads off Oua.67  South to Joyce City to Union Co 22B, 23A, 23C  
69 -Standard Umpstead-   Road between  Oua.68 near Snow Hill; goes S to Standard Umpstead Oua 72. 23C  
70 -Standard Umpstead-   Starts 2 miles S of Cross Roads Church at Oua.67, goes E to Oua 69 near Snow Hill 23C  
71 -Standard Umpstead- Miller Bluff Rd Start near Joyce City with Oua. 68; ends N near river 23C  
72 -Standard Umpstead-   Start At Oua. 67 near county line; go E to Joyce City ends at Oua. 68 22D, 23C  
73 -Chidester-   Loop off Lester Rd (Oua. 25). Gated 7B  
74 -Chidester-   First Rd to right toward Reader from Red Hill Rd (Oua 24). 1D  
75 -Chidester- Missouri Loop From Oua 24;1st Rd to left toward Tate's Bluff 1D  
76 -Two Bayou-   1st county rd, West of Hwy 278W and Hwy 376 intersection ends at Oua 12  12B, 12D  
77 -Fire Dist 1- Lakeside Rd Start near Calhoun Co line @ Hwy 278 E; ends at Mustin lake 14D  
78 -Fire Dist 1- Mustin Lake Rd Start at Calvary Baptist goes E; ends at Lakeside Church (Oua.77). 14D  
79 -Stephens-   Start at Silver Springs Church on State Hwy 57 S; ends at Oua. 80  15A, 15B  
80 -Two Bayou-   Start US 278 W past Triple T; turn 1st rd to left South; cross (Oua. 4); ends at Oua.120 near Spring Hill 15B  
81 -Buena Vista-   Start Hwy 79 S @ BV; turn left; cross R&R ends at Oua.3. past Happy Hollow 16C  
82 -Bethesda-   Start (Oua. 54). Goes S; ends on Oua.47 (Mt Hotly Rd).  17C  
83 -Bearden- Salem Loop Rd 79 N millville goes from Salem Cemetery to Bearden 10B  
84 -Bearden-   Start at joints of Oua. 83 and 276 across R&R tracks in Bearden ends in Calhoun County 5D  
85 -Bearden- Hopevillie Rd Start @ Bearden By-Pass near N of Bearden; ends at State Hwy 205. 5D  
86 -Bearden- Vanlandingham Rd Tates Bluff Rd Start at SH 7N, County Line Liquor on Hwy 7 N; ends Tate's Bluff Bridge 3A, 3B  
87 -Buena Vista-   Start Hwy 79 S near Buena Vista Fire Tower; ends at Oua.120 near Spring Hill Church. 16C, 15D  
88 -Fire Dist 1- Van Dozor Rd Pine Lake Rd Start Hwy 79 N near Quickies 2; go past HGHS; cross Hwy 7; (Pine Lake R d) ends at river 9C, 8D  
89 -Bearden-   Start Hwy 79 N and Hwy 203 go north on Hwy 203  5B  
90 -Bearden-   Start on (Oua. 95); 1st rd to left past gravel plant; ends Hwy 9. 4D 5C  
91 -Bearden-   Start 1st rd to left on (Oua. 95); ends at Hwy 203 4B, 4D  
92 -Bearden-   Hwy 9 N; next rd to right past Hwy 203. Turn right; go 2 miles; turn left on Oua.92; ends on Moss Cemetery Rd (Oua.97)     
93 -Bearden-   From Bearden Hwy 203; turn 1st rd to right after Freeo Creek; ends with joints of Oua.92 near White Oak Church. 5A, 5C  
94 -Bearden-   Start Hwy 79 N; turn 2nd rd to right 2 miles N of Eagle Mills; ends near R&R on Salem Lp Oua. 98 10A  
95 -Bearden- Standard Gravel Rd  Start Hwy 9 N; lst rd to right; cross Hwy 203 ends at joints of Hwy 9 4B, 4D, 5A, 5C  
96 -Bearden-   Start Hwy 79 N; lst rd to right past Eagle Mills; ends at R&R. 10A Eagle Mills
97 -Bearden- Moss Cemetery Rd Hwy 79 N at Millville turn left on Oua.427; go 100 yards; turn right; changes to Dallas Co Rd 43 (line); crosses Hwy 203 10A, 5B, 5C, 5D   
98 -Bearden-   Start Hwy 79 N across Hwy from Millville (Oua. 247); ends near old gravel plant with Oua. 97. 10A  
99 -Frenchport- Spoon Bends Rd Off Old Smackover Rd (Oua. 67); 5th Rd to left past Frenchport; ends at river. 22A, 22B  
100 -Chidester-   Start on (Oua. 12); ends at Hwy 76. 12A   
101 -Stephens-   Start Hwy 79 S; turn left 2nd Rd past Rainbow Inn; ends with Old Wire Rd (Oua. 3) near ends of lin 19B ogemaw
102 -Stephens-   Joins Oua.1 NW of Stephens; ends Ouachita County 19A, 19C  
103 -Stephens-   Start Hwy 79 S; turn left 1st rd past Rainbow Inn; makes Lp. 19A ogemaw
104 -Stephens-   Start Hwy 57 N of Stephens; 2 miles turn left; ends with Oua. 1. 19A  
105 -Stephens-   Start @ Oua. 81 turn S; beside R&R track; ends at Hwy 79 S @ liquor stores 15D  
106 -Stephens-   NW of Stephens. joints between Oua.1 and Oua. 102 19A  
107 -Stephens-   Start Hwy 79 S. turn left at Ogemaw on Oua. 101; turn right before R&R track.  19B ogemaw
108 -Stephens-   Joints with Oua.1 ends Oua.106 NW of Stephens. 19A  
109 -Stephens-   Joints with Oua.101; start Hwy 79 S; turn left at Ogemaw onto Oua. 101; cross R&R; turn right; go straight beside R&R 19B ogemaw
110 -Stephens-   Start Hwy 79 S. 2 miles W of Stephens on Hwy 79; turn right. joints with Oua. 102. 19A, 19C  
111 -Stephens-   Loop off Oua. 101 at Ogemaw 19B ogemaw
112 -Stephens-   Joins Oua.104 off Hwy 57; 2.5 miles N of Stephens. 19A  
113 -Stephens-   Joins Oua. 10 SW of Stephens. Hwy 79 S; 1 mile from Stephens, turn left on Oua. l0; go 3 miles. 19C  
114 -Stephens-   Start Hwy 79 S from Stephens; go S 1 mile; turn left on Oua.10; go 2 miles turn left on Oua.114.  19C  
115 -Stephens-   Joins Oua. 116 on Columbia County line SW of Stephens 19C  
116 -Stephens-   Start 2.5 miles S of Stephens on Hwy 57; turn right. Ends Columbia County. 19C  
117 -Buena Vista-   Turn right off Oua.116. 19C  
118 -Stephens-   1 mile S of Ogemaw on Hwy 79 S; turn right. 19B  
119 -Buena Vista-   1st Rd to right off Woodlawn Rd or Troy Rd (Oua. 4);  16B   
120 -Buena Vista- Springhill Rd. Springhill Rd. 2nd Rd to left off Woodlawn Rd (Oua. 6). 16A, 15C  
121 -Buena Vista-   Start Hwy 79 S; turn right at Buena Vista Fire Tower on Ouachita  87; go 1mile; lst Rd on right 16C  
122 -Buena Vista-   Turn off Oua. 120; 1st Rd to right.  16B 15C  
123 -Stephens-   Enters out of Columbia County NW of Stephens 19A  
124 -Buena Vista-   Start Hwy 278 W 2nd Rd to Left past Greening Pond;  12C 16A  
125 -Buena Vista-   Start Hwy 4 W; 1st rd to left past Greening Pond .ends at church. 12A  
126 -Buena Vista-   Turn right off Oua. 125 near ends of Rd,. 16A  
127 -Stephens-   Start Hwy 57 S of Hwy 278W, 3.5 miles turn right on Hwy 332; go 2m. turn left. 15A  
128 -Stephens-   Rd between Hwy 57 S and Oua. 120; turn left off Hwy 278W onto Hwy 57 S; turn left. 15C, 15D   
129 -Stephens-   Rd between Buena Vista and Troy Rd (Oua. 4). Turn right at Hodnett's old store off Hwy 79 S; go 1.5 miles; turn left.  16C  
130 -Buena Vista-   Start Hwy 79 S; turn right just before Buena Vista Fire Tower. Ends with Oua. 62. 16C  
131     Not listed on map 17A, 16D, 20A,19D  
132 -Buena Vista- Boosa Start Hwy 79 S; turn right on Omega St.; turn right on 1st rd to right 13C  
133 -Bethesda-   Jeffus Rd. Turn left off Old Wire Rd (Oua 3).ends on Oua. 54. 17C  
134 -Buena Vista-   Turn left at Buena Vista on Oua.5; cross R&R track; go left; turn right on Oua 3; 1st rd to left  20B  
135 -Stephens-   2.5 miles E of Stephens on Pace City Rd (Oua. 2); turn right. 19D  
136 -Stephens-   .5 miles E of Stephens on Pace City Rd (Oua. 2); turn right 19D  
137 -Stephens-   Rd between Elk Roofing Rd (Oua. 8) and Pace City Rd (Oua. 2); Oil Field Rd 19D  
138 -Stephens-   E of Stephens off Pace City Rd (Oua. 2) near Cedar Grove Church; turn in sharp curve;  20C  
139 -Stephens-   E of Stephens off Pace City Rd (Oua. 2); turn right near Torrence's Store 20C  
140 -Stephens-   E of Stephens off Pace City Rd (Oua. 2); 1st rd to right past Oua 139. 20C  
141 -Stephens-   From Pace City to Stephens on Oua. 2. turn left 2nd Rd past Gun Creek 20C  
142 -Stephens-   From Pace City to Stephens on Oua. 2; turn left 1st Rd past Gum Creek. 20D  
143 -Stephens-    Old Wire Rd (Oua. 3) & (Hwy 376) go South on Old Wire Rd;  1st Rd to left  17A Inset 15
144 -Stephens-   N of Louann, turn left off Hwy 376 onto Oua. 2; turn left 1st Rd to left; ends Columbia Co. 22C, 21D  
145 -Stephens-   1st Rd off Oua. 144; Columbia County 21D  
146 -Stephens-   Turn W at Ogemaw on Oua. 544; turn 1st Rd to left ; ends at Hwy 79S (Lp Rd). 19B ogemaw
147 -Bethesda- Charley's Loop Rd  off Mt. Holly Rd south of Cash Rd 17A, 17B Inset 15
148 -Bethesda- Hickman Rd .1st Rd to right past Charley's Lp Rd off Mt Holly Rd. dead-ends 17A, 17B Inset 15
149 -Bethesda-   1st Rd to right past Hickman Rd (Oua. 148) off Ht Holly Rd toward Pace City.  17A, 17B Inset 15
150 -Bethesda-   Turn right of Ht Holly Rd (Oua. 47) on Oua. 54; 1st Rd to right off Oua. 54. 17C Inset 15
151 -Bethesda-,-Elliott-   From Mt Holly Rd (Oua. 47) toward Pace City; turn right 21A, 20B  
152 -Bethesda- Garner Deer Camp Turn right off Mt Hotly Rd (Oua. 47) before Pace city store 21A, 20B  
153 -Elliott-   Old Wire Rd (Oua. 3) toward Stephens; turn left on Oua. 7; joints with Oua. 153. 20B  
154 -Bethesda-   Mt Holly Rd (Oua. 47) 1st left passed Bethesda Church; ends with Oua. 151 17C  
155 -Elliott-   Oua. 51 turn SE. to Hwy  376 in Elliott Baptist Church 21B, 17D  
156     Not listed on map 13B  
157 -Bethesda-   Off Mt Holly Rd between Fairview School and joints of Hwy 376S 17A, 17B Inset 15
158 -Bethesda-   From Mt Holly Rd (Hwy387) toward Pace City; turn right just before Parker Electric;  17A, 17B Inset 15
159 -Louann-   SW of Louann.  22C  
160 -Elliott-   From the Intersection of Oua 2 and 55, lst Rd to left off of Mt Holly Rd (Oua. 55).  20D, 21C  
161 -Elliott- Allen Rd. Allen Rd. Off Mt Holly Rd near Fairview School beside water tank 17A 17B Inset 15
162 -Two Bayou-   Hwy 79 S past Jay's Country Store; turn left at water pump building toward Oua 18. 16B, 17A Inset 2
163 -Two Bayou-   Hwy 79 S past Jay's Country Store; turn left on Hwy 376 and sharp to right. 16B, 17A Inset 2
164 -Two Bayou-   Hwy 79 S past Jay's Country Store; turn left on Hwy 376: 2nd Rd to right. 16B, 17A Inset 2
165 -Two Bayou-   Between  (Oua.164) and (Oua. 162) Start at ends of (Oua. 164). 16B, 17A Inset 2
166 -Two Bayou- Strothers Rd Hwy 278W; turn left on Country Club Rd (Oua 48) then turn 2nd St. to left. 13A Inset 1
167 -Two Bayou- Julia St Same as Oua. 166, except it is 1st street to left. 13A Inset 1
168 -Two Bayou-   Start Hwy 278 W, 1st street to left off Hwy 4 past joints of Hwy 278 and 24 W. 13A Inset 1
169 -Two Bayou-   1st Rd to right off (Oua. 12)  12A  
170 -Chidester-   Start off Hwy 76; turn left 1st Rd (Oua. 100) past Doyle Harvey's place; then 1st Rd to right. 12A  
171 -Chidester-   Harvey Pond; turn left at Harvey's Store on Oua.12; then 1st Rd to left. 12B  
172 -Two Bayou-   Hwy 278 W; turn right 2nd Rd this side of Greening Pond 12D  
173 -Two Bayou-   Behind Greening Pond; Hwy 278 W; turn right 1st Rd before Greening Pond 12C 16A  
174 -Two Bayou-   Hwy 278 W, turn right 1st Rd past two Bayou Fire Station. 12C 16A  
175 -Chidester-   Start Hwy 76 (Poison Springs Rd); turn left at Poison Springs Park. ends joints of Adams Chapel Rd (Oua. 17). 11B, 11D  
176 -Two Bayou-   Start on Adams Chapel Rd (Oua. 17); ends Hwy 57 by Old Cram place. 11C, 11D  
177 -Two Bayou-   Adams Chapel Cemetery Rd. Start Hwy 57: .5 miles N of Community Hunting Club; ends, joints of Adams Chapel Rd  11B   
178 -Two Bayou-   Start Hwy 278 W; 3rd Rd to right past Two Bayou Fire Station; ends with joints Oua.176 near Cram Cemetery. 11D  
179 -Buena Vista-,-Stephens-   Start Hwy 57 N from Hwy 278 W; turn left post the first house on the left; ends joints (Oua. 27). 11C  
180 -Buena Vista-   3 miles N of Oua.179; turn left; ends joints Hickory Ridge Rd (Oua. 27). 11C  
181 -Chidester-,-Upper White Oak-   Start Good Hope Church, Hwy 57; take Oua.13 ; turn first Rd to right (Oua. 20); then first Rd to left; DEAD-ENDS AT LAKE. 6C  
182 -Chidester-,-Upper White Oak-   Start Just past Oua. 181 on Oua 20; turn right; DEAD-ENDS AT LAKE. 6C  
183 -Chidester-   Purifoy Cemetery Rd; turn by State Forestry work center on Hwy 76;dead end. 6D  
184 -Buena Vista-   Start Hwy 79 S; Rd behind POOR BOYS (Blue Moon); near Rainbow inn. 15D, 16C Inset 13
185 -Buena Vista-   Joins Oua. 184 and Hwy 79 S near POOR BOYS (Blue Moon) 15D, 16C Inset 13
186 -Fire Dist 1-   Start Hwy 79 N. turn left on first Rd past overpass (Oua. 37); turn right first Rd. 9B  
187 -Chidester-,-Upper White Oak-   Start Hwy 79 N; turn left first Rd (Oua. 37) past overpass; turn first Rd (Oua.186) to right; a little Lp in curve of Rd 9B  
188 -Fire Dist 1- Hickridge Rd Start Hwy 57 N; turn W toward Hickory Ridge Rd; ends with Hickory Ridge Rd (Oua. 27); near White Oak Hunting Club. 11A  
189 -Fire Dist 1-   off Bradley Ferry Rd 13D, 14C Inset 7
190 -Fire Dist 1-   off Bradley Ferry Rd 13D, 14C Inset 7
191 -Fire Dist 1- South Yancy St off Bradley Ferry Rd 13D, 14C Inset 7
192 -Fire Dist 1- Sunset off Bradley Ferry Rd 13D, 14C Inset 7
193 -Fire Dist 1- Bayou off Bradley Ferry Rd 13D, 14C Inset 7
194 -Fire Dist 1- Hillside off Bradley Ferry Rd 13D, 14C Inset 7
195 -Fire Dist 1- Sallie off Bradley Ferry Rd 13D, 14C Inset 7
196 -Fire Dist 1- Marshall off Bradley Ferry Rd 13D, 14C Inset 7
197 -Fire Dist 1-   off Gibson Rd 13D Inset 3
198 -Fire Dist 1-   off Gibson Rd 13D Inset 3
199 -Fire Dist 1-   off Gibson Rd 13D Inset 3
200 -Chidester-,-Louann-   Start Hwy 24 W past Harvey's Grocery; 2nd Rd to right near church; makes Lp 12B  
201 -Fire Dist 1-   First Rd to right off Mustin Lake Rd (Oua. 78); across street from Calvary Baptist Church;  14A  Inset 4
202 -Fire Dist 1-   Off Woodard lake Rd (Oua. 44); turn under Hwy 79 N; dead-ends at little Johnson Lake 14A  
203 -Fire Dist 1-   2nd Rd to right off Mustin lake Rd (Oua. 78) past and across from Calvary Baptist Church. 14A Inset 4
204 -Fire Dist 1- Walker Lake Rd Walker Lake Rd. Start Hwy 278 E; lst Rd to right past Calvary Church toward Hampton. 14D 14C  
205 -Fire Dist 1-   Rd behind Mustin Lake. Turn left before entering Mustin Lake Association;  14C  
206 -Fire Dist 1-   Turn 2nd Rd to right off Mustin Lake Rd; then turn 1st Rd to left . . 14A Inset 4
207 -Fire Dist 1-   Start Hwy 278 E; turn left in front of Jet Asphalt; ends with joints of Hwy 274 near golf course before county line. 14A  
208 -Fire Dist 1-   Gated Rd Start Hwy 278 E; turn left just before Lakeside Rd (Oua 77) ; before county line bridge;  14B, 14D  
209 -Fire Dist 1-   Gated Rd Start Hwy 278 E; turn left 1st Rd past transmission line near store; ends with inters Oua. 208 14B   
210 -Fire Dist 1- Tabor Rd Start Hwy 278 E and Hwy274; turn left 2nd Rd; ends East Camden. 14B  
211 -Fire Dist 1-   Start Hwy 274 near Do-Nut Shop; ends near Arkansas Freightways with Oua. 212. 14A Inset 16
212 -Fire Dist 1- General Dynamics Rd General Dynamics Rd. Start Hwy 274 Fast near VFW. ends at General Dynamics. 14A Inset 16
213 -Chidester-   Start in City of Reader; ends at Little Missouri River. 1A, 1C, 9D  
214 -Chidester-   From Reader to Bluff City.  1C  
215 -Chidester-   Between Hwy 24 and Reader . . .2nd Rd to left. 1C  
216 -Fire Dist 1-   off of SH 205 ends at Eagle Mills 9D  
217 -Fire Dist 1-   Start Hwy 79 N; turn on Hwy 205; turn 3rd Rd to left (Oua. 33).this will joints with Oua. 217;  9D, 10C  
218 -Fire Dist 1-   Gated Rd. Eagle Mills Area 9D Eagle Mills
219 -Two Bayou-   Start Hwy 278W 1st Rd this side of Two Bayou Fire Station; turn left; ends with (Oua. 4). 12C, 16A  
220 -Fire Dist 1-   Off Hwy 205 near Overpass Rd into G E Railcar. 9C, 9D  
221 -Bearden-   1st Rd to right off Hopeville Rd (Oua. 85). 5D  
222 -Fire Dist 1- Wiggen Marden Rd Fair Grounds. 14A Inset 12
223 -Fire Dist 1-   Rd into Mike’s Marine, and Post Office at Y. 14A Inset 12
224 -Fire Dist 1- Airport Rd Rd into Airport off Hwy 79 N near Airport Inn. 14A Inset 12
225 -Bearden-,-Fire Dist 1-   Across Hwy 79 N from Stone Welding. 1st Rd before Hwy 9; . 9B inset 5
226 -Fire Dist 1- Carnden St and 7th Carnden .St Hwy 79 N.; lst Rd to right past Tac Equipment (John Deere place).  9C inset 5
227 -Fire Dist 1- 6 TH ST 7th St Same as Oua. 226 except 2nd Rd to right past Tac Equipment (John Deere place);  9C inset 5
228 -Bearden-   0ff Hwy 203 near R-1 area. toward Buildings 105 and 106. 10C  
229 -Bearden-   0ff Hwy 203 across highway from where Oua. 228 takes off. 10C  
230 -Fire Dist 1-   Hwy 79 N across  (east) from Quickies and where Oua. 88 turns to HGHS. 9C, 9D  
231 -Fire Dist 1-   Hwy 79N 2nd Rd to right past (overpass) Hwy 205. 9B  
232 -Fire Dist 1-   US 79 at overpass goes S on Hwy 205; turn right goes to Eagle Mills. 9B, 9D Eagle Mills
233 -Bearden-   Start Hwy 79 N; turn right on Oua.96 beside Eagle Mills Baptist Church; across R&R track. 9B, 9D Eagle Mills
234 -Fire Dist 1-   Start across R&R track at Eagle Mills; turn left. Oua. 234 is the 1st Rd to the right off Oua. 233. 9B, 9D Eagle Mills
235 -Fire Dist 1-   Cross R&R track on Oua. 233 at Eagle Mills; turn left. This is 2nd Rd to right (makes Lp). 9B, 9D Eagle Mills
236 -Fire Dist 1-   Before crossing R&R track on Oua. 233 at Eagle Mills; go straight; 237 Off Oua.234 behind church. 9B, 9D Eagle Mills
237 -Fire Dist 1-   Off Oua 234; behind Church 9B, 9D Eagle Mills
238 -Fire Dist 1-   From US79 (in Eagle Mills) goes E on Oua 233 joints Oua 236; 1st Rd to right; 9B, 9D Eagle Mills
239 -Fire Dist 1-   Hwy 79 N; turn E; Eagle Mills Baptist Church; then turn 1st Rd to right. 9B, 9D Eagle Mills
240 -Fire Dist 1-   Runs from Eagle Mills beside R&R track to Salem Rd (Oua. 247). Gated 10A  
241 -Bearden-   Start at Gifford Hill gravel plant at Eagle Mills; stops at joints of Oua. 240.Gated 10A  
242 -Bearden-   Start Hwy 79 N. turn 2nd Rd to right past Eagle Mills (Oua. 94); turn 1st Rd to right; crosses R&R 10A  
243 -Bearden-   Straight from Salem Cemetery toward Area; 3rd Rd to left; ends with Oua.217 in AREA. 10A  
244 -Fire Dist 1-   From Eagle Mills to NAD. Start with Oua.233 at Eagle Mills; joints with Oua.33 and  244; ends Calhoun County. 10A  
245 -Bearden-   Turn left off Oua. 243.ends with Oua. 249 10A  
246 -Bearden-   Short Rd between Oua. 243 and  247. 10A  
247 -Bearden-   Start Hwy 79 N at Millville; ends Hwy 203 in HAD near Tracor Aerospace. 10A  
248 -Bearden-   Turn right off Oua. 247 one mile past church at Salem. 5D  
249 -Fire Dist 1-   Turn off Oua. 246; ends Calhoun County in NAD. 10A  
250 -Bearden-   2nd Rd to left past Salem Cemetery near church. 10A  
251     Not located on map. 5C  
252 -Two Bayou- El Paso Street El Paso Street. In city of Camden  El becomes Oua 252 after leaving city limits 13C  
253 -Two Bayou-   NAD; Hwy 205, go past water filtration plant; at joints of Oua. 518. This is a Lp Rd across R&R track. 9D  
254     Not listed on map.    
255 -Bearden-   Hwy 79 N (Bearden By-Pass); 1st Rd to left. 5C, 5D  
256 -Bearden-   Hwy 79 N (Bearden By-Pass); 2nd Rd to left. 5D  
257 -Bearden-   Joints between Oua.97 (Moss Cemetery Rd) and Oua.85 (Hopeville Rd). 1st Rd to right past Moss Cemetery.  5D  
258 -Bearden-   1st Rd to right past Oua. 257; joints between Oua.97 and Oua. 257. 5D  
259 -Bearden-   From Bearden, take Hwy 203 N; turn right on Oua. 97 (Moss Cemetery Rd); 3rd Rd to left in sharp curve. 5B  
260 -Bearden-   Take Hwy 203 N from Bearden by-pass; turn right on Oua. 97 (Moss Cemetery Rd).4th Rd to left just before 3 creek bridges. 5B  
261 -Bearden-   Hwy 9 N from Eagle Mills; turn 1st Rd to right (Oua. 95); cross Hwy 203; turn 1st Rd to right; joints with Oua.92 and Oua. 95  5A  
262 -Bearden-   From Hwy 9 N, turn 1st Rd to right (Oua.95) past Hwy 203; then 1st Rd to left; ends in Dallas Co. 5A  
263 -Bearden-   From Hwy 9 N, turn 1st Rd to right (Oua. 95 Henry Garner Rd); 2nd Rd to right. joints Oua.95 and Hwy 203. 5A  
264 -Bearden-   From Hwy 9 N, turn 1st Rd to right (Oua. 95); turn 1st Rd to right.   5C  
265 -Bearden-   From Hwy 9 N, 3rd Rd to right. Joints between Hwy 9 and Oua. 91. 4B  
266 -Buena Vista-   From Hwy 79 S, turn 1st Rd to right past Roadside park (Oua. 4). then 2nd Rd to right.  16A  
267 -Bearden-   Cross R&R tracks in Bearden on Oua. 276; turn right on Oua.83 (Salem Lp Rd) about 3/4 miles, Rd to left. 10B  
268 -Bearden-   Take 79 Business to the North end of Bearden.1st Rd to left. Just before Oua 85 5D Inset 10
269 -Bearden-   From Hwy 79 N, turn right off Bearden By-pass on Oua. 85 S across highway from Hopeville Rd (Oua. 85); lst Rd to right. 5D Inset 10
270 -Bearden-   Hwy 9 N from Eagle Mills; turn 1st Rd to right (Oua. 95). At joints of Hwy 203, turn left. then next Rd to right. 5A  
271 -Bearden-   Same as Oua. 270, except at Joints of Hwy 203, turn right .then 1st Rd to left. 5A  
272 -Bearden-   Hwy 203 from Bearden to Holly Springs, joints with Oua. 97 (Moss Cemetery Rd); turn left 1st Rd past creek bridge 5C  
273 -Bearden-   Hwy 79 N toward Bearden; turn right at Millville on Oua. 247; turn left past cemetery on Oua. 83 (Salem Lp); take 1st Rd to left makes Lp 10A, 10B  
274 -Bearden-   1st Rd to left off Oua. 273 10B  
275 -Bearden-   1st Rd to right off Salem Lp Rd (Oua. 83); ends in NAD in Calhoun County. 10B  
276 -Bearden-   4th Rd to right off Salem Lp Rd (Oua. 83) just before entering Bearden 10B  
277 -Bearden-   2nd Rd to right off Salem Lp Rd (Oua. 83); 1 mile this side of Bearden. 10B  
278 -Bearden-   Dr. Ryan Park Road., take Hwy 79B N of Bearden city limits; turn 1st Rd to right, cross R&R tracks; ends in Calhoun County 5D Inset 10
279 -Bearden-   From Hwy 79 N By-pass at Bearden; Gated road old Bearden city dump road 5D  
280 -Bearden-   Hwy 79 N on Bearden By-pass. turn right on Oua. 85; turn 1st Rd to left; ends at Hwy 79B in Bearden. by liquor store 5D Inset 10
281 -Bearden-   1st Rd to right off Oua. 280; ends with Hwy 79B N in Bearden. 5D Inset 10
282 -Bearden-   From Hwy 79B N in Bearden, turn 1st Rd to left (Oua. 268; turn 1st Rd to right; Lp off Hwy 79B N . Just before Oua 85 5D Inset 10
283 -Bearden-   From Hwy 79 N in Bearden, turn 1st Rd to left (Oua. 268); then turn 1st Rd to left  by cell tower 5D Inset 10
284 -Bearden-   From Bearden By-pass on Hwy 79 N, turn left on Oua. 85(Hopeville Rd); then turn 2nd Rd to right; across from old school 5D Inset 10
285 -Bearden- Wine Alley same as 284 but;  turn 1st Rd to right (Oua.269). turn 1st Rd to right again, Lps off Oua. 269.  5D Inset 10
286 -Fire Dist 1-   Behind Quickes; 1st road from Hwy 278 E near Y, turn 1st Rd to right;  14A Inset 4
287 -Fire Dist 1-   Hwy 9 go N;  3rd Rd turn left (Oua 43). then turn 1st Rd to right. (Gated) 9B, 4C  
288 -Bearden-,-Fire Dist 1-   Hwy 9 go N; then turn 2nd Rd to left. (Gated) 9B  
289 -Bearden-,-Fire Dist 1-   Same as Oua. 288 except turn 1st Rd to left off Hwy 9 N. (Gated) 9B  
290 -Fire Dist 1-   From Harmony Grove, take Oua.43 toward SH9; then turn 2nd Rd to right, passed Oua37. (Gated) 9A  
291 -Bearden-   Take Hwy 79B N in Bearden; turn left 4th Rd (Oua.280) beside liquor store; then turn 1st Rd to right. 5D Inset 10
292 -Bearden-,-Fire Dist 1-   Hwy 79 N. Turn 2nd Rd to left after crossing overpass; joints with Oua. 288. (Gated) 9B  
293 -Bearden-,-Fire Dist 1-   Take Hwy 9 N from Eagle Mills. Turn 5th Rd (Oua. 295) to left; then turn 1st Rd to right; joints between Oua.295 and Oua.59 4B, 4D  
294 -Fire Dist 1- Smead Camp Rd  Hwy 7 N to Amy; turn right past liquor store on Oua 31; go 1 mile  4C  
295 -Bearden-   Start on Oua. 294; ends with Hwy 9; 1st Rd to left past (Oua. 95). 4D  
296 -Fire Dist 1- Crawford Trailor Pk loop Lp off Hwy 7 N; 2nd Rd to the left past Bryant's Grocery. 8B  
297 -Fire Dist 1- Pecan St  Hwy 79 N.; lst Rd to left past Tac Equipment (John Deere).ends with Oua. 45. 9C Inset 5
298 -Fire Dist 1- Gatling St  Same as Oua. 297, except 2nd Rd to left pest Tac Equipment 9C Inset 5
299 -Fire Dist 1- Gum Dr.  Hwy 79 N.; 4th Rd to left past Tac Equipment. 9C  Inset 5